Fundraising and Bulk Orders

Are you looking for a great Fundraising idea?


 Preferred License Plate Frames offers you an innovative way to raise money! With our design team you can create a custom License Plate Frame made specifically for your organization or sports team. We help all types of businesses and sports groups create an original consumer product as well as an ideal way to market their organization!!! 

On this page we will show you a few different License Plate Frame ideas. We offer a huge selection of stock License Plate Frames on our website. We feel like these suggestions will give you a good idea of what is available. Contact us and we can help you design a License Plate Frame specifically for your organization!!! 

Preferred License Plate fundraisers offer your organizations extremely high profits. In fact there are License Plate Frames that offer more than 80% profit. Our fundraisers require NO UPFRONT COSTS. Design your frame, take the orders, and pay once the frames are ready to deliver.


 Contact our fundraising specialists at for a free quote!!!